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    "I chose this field for the opportunity to treat a variety of illnesses in all age groups from pediatrics to geriatrics. As an emergency room physician, I provided medical care and surgical intervention for acute trauma and acute and chronic illnesses."

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    "I chose to practice emergency medicine and urgent care medicine for the sheer pleasure of dealing with the immediate problems and the gratification of seeing an immediate outcome."

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Not happy with how you look? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans choose to go under the knife to enhance their appearance and improve the way they feel about themselves. Here are some of the common cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S.

Collagen injections involved a minimally invasive procedure that erases fine lines and wrinkles on the face. These treatments can give the skin a plumper, smoother and younger-looking appearance.

To achieve larger breasts, women can undergo breast augmentation surgery. While cosmetic reasons are more common, some choose to have this procedure for reconstructive purposes, especially in women who have undergone mastectomy for breast cancer.

Reshaping the nose is another common plastic surgery procedure. This cosmetic treatment involves making incisions to access the patient’s nose cartilage. The objective is to resize, reshape or adjust the angle of the nose to achieve a desired appearance. This procedure is also resorted to for addressing structural issues that cause nasal congestion or otherwise impair breathing.

To shed the excess weight and achieve a slimmer physique, many people choose to undergo liposuction – a procedure that involves removing unwanted fat through a vacuum-like suction tube.

If you’re planning to undergo a plastic surgery procedure, speak with your qualified healthcare provider first.

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